Rainbow Mickey

Hey Blitzers! 

Emoji Jenny here and our first Emoji Highlight will be of our original creation and 4th Anniversary host: Rainbow Mickey!

There is a strong Disney fan moment tied to the creation of Rainbow Mickey that I would like to share with you! When I asked Jenn, our Senior Artist that has been with us since the beginning, how she thought of Rainbow Mickey, she said “Mickey’s 90th anniversary was coming up and we wanted to think of the most emoji Blitziest way to honor him.” Rainbows are the most true visual to our game, so thus Rainbow Mickey had to be done! Our artists worked through many iterations to try to get just the right combination of color and style that would look perfect amongst all the other emojis and still honor Mickey for his anniversary. I think they nailed it. 

Rainbow Mickey is a Rainbow Exclusive emoji that when activated, he puts on his rainbow shades, gets out the disco ball and starts a party that powers up your Blitz Meter and leaves powerups like a Rainbow Star. Pretty Blitztastic, if you ask me. 

Creating his look is one thing, but I also had to ask Andy, our Senior Game Designer, how he designed Rainbow Mickey. When the team was tasked with designing his power, the first and only thought was he has to do something special. After all, it isn’t every day you get to create an entirely new Mickey! “Since he’s Rainbow, he had to create a Rainbow Star (duh!), but we wanted to be innovative too. We thought, ‘What else is Rainbow in the game?’ That’s when it hit us – no other emoji power had directly affected Blitz Mode yet, and the Blitz Meter is rainbow-tastic!” After that, they just had to balance him – how long his power should last, how to make sure the players know he is triggering Blitz Mode, what happens when Blitz Mode is already active, etc. Our team tries their best to think of every detail and I think it shows!

Did you know that every emoji we create goes through a storyboard phase? Our team actually maps out the emoji’s power in these adorable little black-and-white storyboards. I thought it was so cute. 🙂 

I hope you enjoyed our first Emoji Highlight starring Rainbow Mickey in honor of our 4th Anniversary! 

Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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